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-====== about this book ======+====== about & contact ======
-The Python Game Book is a free [[|creative-commons licensed]] multilingual [[wp>dokuwiki]] book written (mostly) by [[:en:resources:people:jens_horst:start|Horst JENS]]((and others. and you!)).+This is a free wiki book to help you learn open source game programming with the python pragmming language and other free and open source tools.
-The Python Game Book aims to provide interested students and teachers all what is necessary to teach themselves how to write computer games using the language [[|python]] and other free [[wp>open_source]] tools.+This book is created by [[|Horst JENS]] and written mostly by him and his friends. All content in this book is either licensed under  [[|Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)]] (for text, graphics, sounds) or under [[|GPL - licensed]] (code examples)
-The book comes in 2 different variants:+Feel free to improve this page, edit and translate pages and create new pages. All you need is to create an account on this wiki. If you want to contribute code, best contact Horst JENS (see below) 
 +<note important>While this wiki is free to use, anyone, including me (Horst JENS), can take content of this wiki for commercial products (like writing a book) as permitted by the [[|creative-commons contribute - Share-alike license]] or the [[|GPL license]]. While the wiki is free from google ad-sense and other advertisement systems, Horst JENS reserve the exlusive right to place possible money-generating links like Amazon-widgets (book reviews), sponsor/partner links (right sidebar) and donation buttons (Flattr, Paypal, right sidebar) in this wiki. \\ 
 +If you are interested to place such links yourself into this wiki, [[|please contact Horst JENS]] first.</note>--></html> 
 +=== contact ===
-  * the [[|free]] online version (what you are looking at) +for all questions regarding this wiki, you best contact Horst JENS by
-  * the non-free //deluxe// paper version (planned) +
-The wiki book is organized into [[en:start|parts]] and additional special pages like  [[en:resources:start|resources]], [[en:resources:glossary:start|glossary]] and [[:en:resources:help:start|help]]. +=== donations ===
-Everyone (free registration with valid email address necessary) can collaborate and improve this book: +To support ThePythonGameBook, see this link
-  * **Write:** create new pages or edit existing pages +
-  * **Discuss** Talk about a page, using the **talk** link (next to the language links on top right).  +
-  * **Translate:** All pages can be translated from English into other languages (like German). //This feature is put on hold until the English part ist stable enough//+
-To begin reading best start with the the pygame tutorial: [[/en:part2:pygame:step001]] 
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