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Key Codes for Pygame

You can find the list for all keyboard codes in the Pygame documentation or type the following in the interactive Python interpreter:

>>>import pygame

The Pygame keyboard codes begin with a capital K followed by an underscore.

   KeyASCII      ASCII   Common Name
      K_BACKSPACE   \b      backspace
      K_TAB         \t      tab
      K_CLEAR               clear
      K_RETURN      \r      return
      K_PAUSE               pause
      K_ESCAPE      ^[      escape
      K_SPACE               space
      K_EXCLAIM     !       exclaim
      K_QUOTEDBL    "       quotedbl
      K_HASH        #       hash
      K_DOLLAR      $       dollar
      K_AMPERSAND   &       ampersand
      K_QUOTE               quote
      K_LEFTPAREN   (       left parenthesis
      K_RIGHTPAREN  )       right parenthesis
      K_ASTERISK    *       asterisk
      K_PLUS        +       plus sign
      K_COMMA       ,       comma
      K_MINUS       -       minus sign
      K_PERIOD      .       period
      K_SLASH       /       forward slash
      K_0           0       0
      K_1           1       1
      K_2           2       2
      K_3           3       3
      K_4           4       4
      K_5           5       5
      K_6           6       6
      K_7           7       7
      K_8           8       8
      K_9           9       9
      K_COLON       :       colon
      K_SEMICOLON   ;       semicolon
      K_LESS        <       less-than sign
      K_EQUALS      =       equals sign
      K_GREATER     >       greater-than sign
      K_QUESTION    ?       question mark
      K_AT          @       at
      K_LEFTBRACKET [       left bracket
      K_BACKSLASH   \       backslash
      K_RIGHTBRACKET ]      right bracket
      K_CARET       ^       caret
      K_UNDERSCORE  _       underscore
      K_BACKQUOTE   `       grave
      K_a           a       a
      K_b           b       b
      K_c           c       c
      K_d           d       d
      K_e           e       e
      K_f           f       f
      K_g           g       g
      K_h           h       h
      K_i           i       i
      K_j           j       j
      K_k           k       k
      K_l           l       l
      K_m           m       m
      K_n           n       n
      K_o           o       o
      K_p           p       p
      K_q           q       q
      K_r           r       r
      K_s           s       s
      K_t           t       t
      K_u           u       u
      K_v           v       v
      K_w           w       w
      K_x           x       x
      K_y           y       y
      K_z           z       z
      K_DELETE              delete
      K_KP0                 keypad 0
      K_KP1                 keypad 1
      K_KP2                 keypad 2
      K_KP3                 keypad 3
      K_KP4                 keypad 4
      K_KP5                 keypad 5
      K_KP6                 keypad 6
      K_KP7                 keypad 7
      K_KP8                 keypad 8
      K_KP9                 keypad 9
      K_KP_PERIOD   .       keypad period
      K_KP_DIVIDE   /       keypad divide
      K_KP_MULTIPLY *       keypad multiply
      K_KP_MINUS    -       keypad minus
      K_KP_PLUS     +       keypad plus
      K_KP_ENTER    \r      keypad enter
      K_KP_EQUALS   =       keypad equals
      K_UP                  up arrow
      K_DOWN                down arrow
      K_RIGHT               right arrow
      K_LEFT                left arrow
      K_INSERT              insert
      K_HOME                home
      K_END                 end
      K_PAGEUP              page up
      K_PAGEDOWN            page down
      K_F1                  F1
      K_F2                  F2
      K_F3                  F3
      K_F4                  F4
      K_F5                  F5
      K_F6                  F6
      K_F7                  F7
      K_F8                  F8
      K_F9                  F9
      K_F10                 F10
      K_F11                 F11
      K_F12                 F12
      K_F13                 F13
      K_F14                 F14
      K_F15                 F15
      K_NUMLOCK             numlock
      K_CAPSLOCK            capslock
      K_SCROLLOCK           scrollock
      K_RSHIFT              right shift
      K_LSHIFT              left shift
      K_RCTRL               right ctrl
      K_LCTRL               left ctrl
      K_RALT                right alt
      K_LALT                left alt
      K_RMETA               right meta
      K_LMETA               left meta
      K_LSUPER              left windows key
      K_RSUPER              right windows key
      K_MODE                mode shift
      K_HELP                help
      K_PRINT               print screen
      K_SYSREQ              sysrq
      K_BREAK               break
      K_MENU                menu
      K_POWER               power
      K_EURO                euro
The keyboard also has a list of modifier states that can be assembled bit bitwise ORing them together.

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