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 +===== A Byte of python ======
 +from  **Swaroop C H**
 +^website:| http://​​notes/​Python |
 +^pro:| not only a book but also two (!) **free** wiki's ((for Python 2.x and Pyton 3.x)) and free download as .pdf file!. Very well written. Easy enough for beginners but not boring for experienced users of other programming languages. | 
 +^contra:| I have absolutely nothing to say against **A Byte of Python**, however hard i think |
 +{{tag>​book website python beginner free_download}}
 +=== Amazon ===
 +<table cellspacing ="​10">​
 +<SCRIPT charset="​utf-8"​ type="​text/​javascript"​ src="​http://​​widgets/​q?​ServiceVersion=20070822&​MarketPlace=US&​ID=V20070822/​US/​thpygabo-20/​8002/​b1cdb0a2-0ce8-47f7-9769-c74441601d83">​ </​SCRIPT>​ <​NOSCRIPT><​A HREF="​http://​​widgets/​q?​ServiceVersion=20070822&​MarketPlace=US&​ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fthpygabo-20%2F8002%2Fb1cdb0a2-0ce8-47f7-9769-c74441601d83&​Operation=NoScript">​ Widgets</​A></​NOSCRIPT>​
 +<a href="​http://​​content/​paperback-book/​a-byte-of-python/​4313405">​not available via yet. Click direct on</​a>​
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