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-====== Mampfi ====== 
-**Mampfi** ("​mampfen"​ is slang German for eating) is a game derived from the Bonus game to the GlobalGameJam2010 entry "​MonkeyDöner"​. **Mampfi** was programmed from spielend-programmieren student [[http://​​de:​personen:​Teresa:​start|Teresa]] using [[http://​|Python (2.6)]] and [[http://​|Pygame (1.8.1)]]. 
-=== Video === 
-=== Download === 
-  * http://​​en:​games:​mampfi 
-=== Installation === 
-First install [[http://​|Python2.6]] (or a better 2.x version) and a corresponding version of [[http://​|pygame]]1.8.1 or better. Then download and unzip the game and start 
-the file with your preferred python editor and run it. You can also type <​code>​python</​code>​ or try to double-click the file. 
-=== Instruction === 
-The player controls the little wizard using the arrow keys <​key>​←</​key>,​ <​key>​→</​key>,​ <​key>​↑</​key>,​ <​key>​↓</​key>​. While pressing the keys <​key>​a</​key>,​ <​key>​s</​key>,​ <​key>​d</​key>,​ <​key>​f</​key>​ the wizard can drop healthy food. 
-The player must find out wich kid  eats wich kind of healthy food. 
-The 4 [[http://​​photos/​horstjens/​sets/​72157623326268356/​|cool kids]] (( [[http://​​de:​personen:​markus:​start|Markus]],​ [[http://​​de:​personen:​raphael:​start|Raphael]],​ [[http://​​de:​personen:​mira:​start|Mira]],​ [[http://​​de:​personen:​teresa:​start|Teresa]]) throw unhealthy burgers and french fries at the player. The player must avoid those objects. 
-The 4 kids loose hitpoints ((green healthbar) every time if bumping into a wall. If a kid has eaten enought healthy food it moves towards its final position in the middle of the screen. When all 4 kids have arrived at their final position the player win the game. The player loose the game if he or a kid loose all hitpoints. 
-=== Screenshots === 
-{{http://​​_media/​de:​games:​mampfi800.jpg?​400 |Screenshot vom Spiel Mampfi}} 
-=== history === 
-  * 25-3-2010 **Mampfi** added to http://​​mampfi/ ​ 
-  * 24-3-2010 **Mampfi** added to Softpedia: http://​​get/​Games/​Mampfi.shtml 
-  * 23-3-2010 **Mampfi** added to http://​ 
-  * 09-1-2011 **Mampfi** added to ThePythonGameBook 
-====== comment this page ====== 
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