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The most wonderful aspect of the open-source world are the people you will meet as soon as you dive into it.

This namespace page does not intend to be facebook, but it is possible to create a page for each user where you link to your facebook page, homepage, twitter tweeds etc. Please only add non-blinking images, links and text but no google-adsense stuff.

To see yourself listed as coauthor, please create a sub-namespace start page.

Example: user Arthur Dent1) want to create a subpage2) with his details. He click on the url of his browser, replacing the part :en:resources:people:start with:


and he press Enter. Use the syntax LASTNAME_firstname in the URL ! This pages does not exist (yet) so he click on create this page button and edit the template.

To be listed in this menu of author's, sponsors or VIP's add a line int the relevant section with this syntax

<item>Your Text|Your description|{{your uploaded image}}</item>


Very Important Persons

Supporters & Sponsors

1) you have possibly read his adventures. If not, head over to: The_Hitchhiker's_Guide_to_the_Galaxy
2) a sup-namespace with it's own start page to be exact

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