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How to Navigate in this Wiki

This wiki is organized in pages. Unlike in a paper book, a page can be pretty long. Use scrolling and the keys <key>PgUp</key>, <key>PgDown</key> to make sure you read the whole page.

Ont he big header on top of every page, you should see a the page name at the left and a link back to the start page at the right. If you click on the page name on the left you will see a list of sites (inside this wiki) linking to the current site. Use the “back” function of your browser to see the current site again.

On the right of each page, you see an area including some permanent links, the PythonGameBook Logo (Tux reading a book) and a navigation menu with a tree structure. Click on the individual links (namespacess) in the navigation menu to see if more links (pages or sub-namespaces) become visible.

How to Improve ThePythonGameBook

  • reading, commenting by email (see contact the author)
  • creating an account (it's free) on ThePythonGameBook, logging in and:
    • creating a personal site at people
    • proofreading, correcting mistakes
    • translate into your language (this feature is put on hold until the pygame part in English language is done)
    • improving and editing code and text and media
    • adding your own code and text and media
  • joining ThePythonGameBook's facebook page and making the site more popular
  • become a Partner site (you place a logo of this site on your site and i place a logo of your site on this site)

Donating Money

become a sponsor of ThePythonGameBook:

Flattr supporters

Donating bitcoins

please donate bitcoins to this bitcoin address (of Horst JENS): 1CZ4 dCgF 8sMX Zmbd wjiR 9nPM 52b4 QSxa nb

How to Use this Wiki (Make Changes, Create Pages)

Is this is the first time you use a wiki or dokuwiki ? You need to login using an account (it's free to create, all you need is a valid email address). To make your first steps editing a dokuwiki page, best head over to the playground and try to write a few things there.

At the Commands box at the right of each page is a link allowing you to edit a page. To use this function, you need to be logged in ( using your username and password) into this wiki. Such links are also displayed at each section íf you are logged in.

If you are editing a page, you see a small editor window with some icons on top. Those allow you to upload images or files and help you with the Dokuwiki syntax. Below the editing window are three important icons: <key>Save</key>, <key>Preview</key> and <key>Cancel</key>.

If you want to know more about the syntax of how to edit a page (or create a new one), head to the Formating Syntax page where the dokuwiki Syntax is explained. This book make use of some plugins. if you see some strange wikisyntax like:

{{tag>license, copyright}}



than you see dokuwiki plugins in action. To get more information, look up the plugins name (like “tag” or “include”) in the Dokuwiki plugin page1)

Internal Guidelines for Authors

Those are some internal guidelines, mostly useful for Horst and other frequent authors. person, self-reference

If you want to refer to yourself in a sentence (Words like i, me, my, mine etc.) please use the WRAP-plugin and on the left a small avatar or photo picture of yourself. There is a icon on thp of the editor window for this feature. Syntax:

<WRAP round box>{{avatar-pic.jpg?50 }}I think this code of mine makes me proud of my talent.</WRAP>

Because of the paper-version, translation, Live-CD, other offline-versions and possible misuse of this wiki by link spammers: External links, including wikipedia links, should slowly wander off to the glossary namespace.


inside page:
There is some really [:en:resources:glossary:c:cool stuff|cool stuff]] on the web.
The glossary page:
====== cool stuff ======
This is some [[wp>cool_stuff|cool stuff]].
==== external links: ====

Glossary Namespace

To add a new space in the en:resources:glossary namespace, make sure there is a subnamespace with the first letter of the glossary entry. example:

The glossary entry for cool_stuff shall not be:
but instead should be:

This is to abvoid clustering up the navigation sidebar with too many entrys. Having an alphabetic sorted overview at glossary also looks neat, like in a papaer book.

Keyboard, Keys and Shortcuts

If possible, use the key plugin to indicate that some keys have to be pressed. The plugin is also useful to paint small boxes around a word. There is a icon on thp of the editor window for this feature. Syntax:

please press the <key>PgDwn</key>


It is possible and welcome to tag all and everything. Tagging feature is very simple:
{{tag>keyword1 keyword2 keywordX}}

If (in a glossary page or elsewhere) a list of pages with a tag is wanted, enter:

It is possible to make AND or OR combinations between several keywords. This feature allows to display only tags from a certain namespace: all tagged items in this namespace must also be tagged with a namespace-tag, and the topic list must use the AND combination. See licenses for an example.


creative-commons BY-SA logo ThePythonGameBook is cc-by-sa licensed, that means whatever content is online will stay free. You are free to use this content for your own works / books / projects, as long as those works also are shared for free and as long as you contribute to the author (by placing a link to ). I reserve the right to maybe make in the future a “deluxe paper version” book out of ThePythonGameBook and sell it for money. The content, however, will still be free, always available from this site and cc-licensed.

If you do not feel comfortable with this license, do not contribute.

Also, when contribution work from third parties, make sure the work is compatible with this CC-BY-SA license.

naturally, this page is also a dokuwiki, but a different one than ThePythonGameBook.
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