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This page serves as a not very ordered list of useful links to useful or interesting websites (focus on game-programming).

programming languages

url description tags the official Python website, with documentation, download links, wiki and more.
http://www.pygame.orgpython-pygame The official pygame website. Pygame is a 3rd-party-module for Python and is not shipped together with Python. Pygame is a port of the SDL Lib to python The Easygui homepage. Easygui is a Tkinter-based module for python to allow simple message boxes and dialog boxes. Easygui is not shipped togehter with python.


programming tutorials

pygame tutorials




graphics & sounds


3d - software



linklists and stuff

various articles

interesting stuff from reddit

4 cool python modules

  • Wikipedia - It turns out that you can import the whole Wikipedia into your Python Program! Simply run pip install wikipedia on your computer and import the module. There are multiple functions in the module such as summary(), search(), set_lang() which can be used to create multiple interesting projects. More info at
  • Emoji - This is a cool module that you can use to add emojis to your project. The emojis will be displayed in the command line for your project. To install it, run pip install emoji. More info at
  • Turtle - This is one of the most well-known interesting Python modules. It comes pre-installed with the default Python3 package. Import turtle for graphics and simple 2d games. This is a module primarily used for creating graphics and cool visuals. More info at
  • PyDictionary - This is a module containing the whole English dictionary! It can be used to find the definition, synonym, antonyms, and translations of words. To install it, run pip install PyDictionary. More info at
  • Arrow - This is an interesting module used for advanced functions with date and time. This is the more advanced version of the dateandtime module that is built into Python. You need to run pip install -U arrow. More info at

various videos

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