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 +====== Why Python ======
 +Why does this book focus on the programming language [[wp>​Python_(programming_language)|Python]] ? 
 +Of course, there exist many other programming languages. People will tell you that you need some variant of [[wp>​C_(programming_language)|the programming language C]] (like C#, C++) because everything else is too slow for a computer game,  or that you should learn [[wp>​Java_(software_platform)|Java]] so that your games will run inside a web browser.
 +This is all true and in fact the book will hopefully encourage you to learn as many computer programming languages as you can.
 +Python is good for several reasons:
 +  * Python is free, open source and exist on every platform. No company can go bust and end Python'​s support or existence.
 +  * Python is easy to learn
 +  * Python is beautiful to look at (and easy to read)
 +  * Python is modern (full [[wp>​Object_orientation]])
 +  * Python is fast((a compiled language like C will always be faster than a interpreted language like Python)) if you measure the time it takes from the idea in your head to a working prototype on the screen. For that category, it's one of the fastest languages around.
 +  * Python is fast enough to work as a scripting language inside faster 3d-engines((The 3d-engine itself should better be programmed in a compiled language like C and not in a interpreded language like python.)).
 +  * Python is used in the industry and not a learning-only programming language.
 +  * Python is fun to code and has a humorous community. Enjoy [[http://​​353/​|antigravity]]((in python 3.0 and above, you can type <code python>​import antigravity</​code>​)) or references to [[wp>​Monty_python]] sketches.
 +[[http://​​353/​|{{http://​​comics/​python.png|Antigravity by XKCD}}]] \\
 +//source: http://​​353/​ //
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