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The Python Game Book

About this Book

The Python Game Book is a free creative-commons licensed multilingual dokuwiki book written by Horst JENS (mostly) and friends. If you want to create and edit pages in this wiki, please write me an email so that i can create an account for you. Automatic account creation is currently deactivated because of spammers.

The Python Game Book aims to provide interested students and teachers a broad range of material to teach themselves how to write computer games using the language Python and other free/libre Open Source tools.


All content in this wiki is licensed under the creative-commons attribute share-alike license. That means that you can take any part of this book and use it for your own projects, as long as you:

Creative-Commons Attribute Share-Alike License

All source code examples in this wiki are licensed under the GPL 3.0 License. That means you are free to use the source code for you own projects, as long as you:

If you can not fulfill those conditions but still want to use parts of this wiki / source code examples for your projects, please contact

Some Source code examples of this wiki are also hosted on Github:

Where to start reading

After a more then 10-year long slumber, this wiki is now slowly re-created, starting with the Tic-Tac-Toe tutorial:

List of tutorials in this wiki

Click on the left item in this list to go to the wiki start paid of each tutorial:

2013/07/09 07:55 Pygame About Pygame Pygame is a port of the SDL library and other tools for the programming language Python. Pygame is used mostly to create 2d-games with … , , , ,
2020/05/15 22:59 TicTacToe This is a python3 tutorial about a very simple game: TicTacToe. Prerequisites * understanding the original TicTacToe Game * have python3 in… , ,
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