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 === tabelle mit auflistung drin === === tabelle mit auflistung drin ===
 ^  links  ^  rechts ​ ^ ^  links  ^  rechts ​ ^
-|  ​links  ​| ​ rechts ​ |+|  ​* a  * b  ​| ​ rechts ​ | 
 +**this text shall be always displayd by editing:​** 
 +The **online verison** is [[http://​​licenses/​by-nc-sa/​3.0/​|creative-commons-licensed (Attribution Share-Alike Non-Commercial)]] and will remain free. If enough interest arise i will maybe create a **deluxe** (paper) non-free commercial version of this book and **sell the deluxe version for money**. By editing/​uploading or otherwise contributing to the wiki, **you automatically grant me the non-exclusive right** to use your work for commercial products((meaning that you can sell/use your contributions however you like, but i'm allowed to use your edits/​contributions in my products without paying you)). If you have a large contribution in mind (like a whole book), [[mailto:​|contact me]] and we may find a solution by swapping rights. If you are not comfortable with this deal, do not contribute. [[:​en:​help:​faq#​participate|Read the FAQ for more information]]. 
 +**the include plugin in action** 
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